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I'm Kirsty and understand the pain of losing a pet, and I'm here to support you through all stages of pet loss.

I offer one-on-one counselling for anyone struggling with the loss of their beloved companion animal. 

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ADV.Dip. PBC  O.A. Dip. MH

Working alongside pet carers in the veterinary industry for over ten years, I have supported them through all stages of pet loss and end-of-life care. I have a strong passion for helping pet owners navigate their way through grief and bereavement, giving them the power and resources to help them process their loss and learn to live alongside it while keeping their pet's memory alive.




I can help you with all aspects of memorialising your pet and assist in making the right decision for both you and your family. Drawing from a wealth of experience both personal and professional, I am able to offer help for the whole family on a group or one to one basis. I can offer both traditional face to face or telephone sessions as well as walk and talk sessions.

Pet bereavement counselling can cover loss through illness, accident, missing or stolen pets and also provide support for families living with a pets terminal diagnosis.  


A ‘local to you’ walk in a natural environment can help to ease some anxiety that can accompany visiting a counsellor for the first time, utilising our beautiful surroundings of the New Forest, walk and talk sessions allow you to be able to access the benefits of being in nature whilst helping you understand and process your grief. A walking location near to you can be arranged.

A lifelong passion for nature and herbalism allows me the utilise the natural properties of herbs and plants to help you move through the stages of grief and provide lasting support and memories for years to come.”


Face to face/Zoom /phone sessions £60 (1hr)

Follow up session £45 (1hr)

Email consultations £35

Email questionnaire will be sent out prior to session.

Walk and talk sessions £60 (1hr) within 20 mile radius. {Outside of this surcharge of 45p per mile)


A text check in is included in all services.


Ashes - What are your options?

The two options that a vet will offer you when it comes to cremation are “Individual” or “communal” But what do they actually mean?

Individual cremation ensures your companion is cremated on their own, their ashes are then kept separate from other pets and returned usually in a caster or urn of your choice for you to keep or scatter.  Some crematoriums that offer individual cremations will allow the carer to be part of an attended service where you are able to accompany your companion through the process if you wish.

Communal cremation is the process of cremating your companion with other pets, their ashes are then processed together and either scattered or disposed of in line with regulations. Crematoriums that offer communal cremations still uphold exceptional levels of respect for your companions and pride themselves in offering a dignified service. Communal cremation is often the cheaper option and therefore can be more affordable than individual cremation. 


There are many options available to help memorialise your companions after they have passed, each pet is different and working closely with pet carers to find the perfect option can be incredibly rewarding. 

Many carers often feel silly or embarrassed when wanting to memorialise their pets as they are worried about being judged by family and friends, but remembering your companion in a way that is special to you is an important part of the grieving process.

Below are a few ways I have worked with pet carers over the years, helping them to remember their pets in a way personal to them. If you would like to discuss memorialising your pet, please use the contact form below.

Plants and Trees

Many a Gardner among us has planted a tree or a flower in memory of their companions. Roses often have wonderful names and meanings behind them. You can choose to mix the ashes of a cremated pet into the pot the rose is in or simply plant it outside in a suitable spot for a burst of colour and a happy daily reminder.


Waterbowls can be adapted by adding drainage holes and can be a great base for small flowering plants or succulents to keep indoors.



A portion of ashes can be added to jewellery to make exquisite and unique pieces to carry with you every day.

Capsules and vials can hold clippings of fur and a dog tag can easily be made into a key ring.


Memorialisation through art, from pictures on mugs to life-size bronze sculptures, the artist can work with you to make the perfect piece to display in your home or garden.

Ashes can be mixed into tattoo ink by professional tattoo artists, this is often reserved for paw prints and portraits of the companion but can be worked into any existing piece as well.


The possibilities are numerous and each as wonderful and as personal as the last. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss any ideas further. 

Dignity Pet Crematorium

are dedicated to providing an honest, personal and caring service to pet lovers.

(only individual crem services, prices
te/independent service)


Bronze Pet Sculpture

Hearts and memories captured through beautiful lifesized bronzes by renowned sculptor and artist, Stephen Charlton.

Commissions taken, discover more at his website

Silver Dove Memorial Jewellery

Creating memorial pieces with ashes, hair, breast milk or fur. Made in Durham.

"We lost our Chihuahua last week very unexpectedly and I cannot fault the care and compassion of the vets. They dropped everything to try and save him and really looked after us after the attempts were unsuccessful."
"Kirsty helped us through a difficult time regarding making a decision around our beautiful cat Freddie, she talked us through all the options we had available, and helped us understand what was going to happen at his final appointment. She was caring and kind at a time that was extremely distressing for us." 
"A special thanks goes to Kirsty. She was so patient, knowledgeable and kind. We didn’t feel rushed when making any decisions, and she answered any questions or concerns we had in great, clear detail. Her support made that horrible day a little bit easier."




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